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Causes for a car to leak coolant

Of all the systems in a modern vehicle there is not one more important than the cooling system.The cooling system does just what its name suggests;It keeps the engine cool enough to operate.When you begin to notice coolant or antifreeze on the drive or the garage floor after your car has been parked there for a while chances are you have a coolant leak.

Many times by the time you realize you have a coolant leak it is too late to do anything about it and you are stranded at the side of the road.Here are some common causes for a car to leak coolant.

The most common reason for a car to leak coolant is old worn out hoses.When a car gets to be two years old or older it is time to start watching for hoses that are cracked or bulging.These are indicators that it is time to replace this hose or hoses.

Another common cause for coolant leaks are loose fittings and hose clamps.For whatever the reason sometimes these fittings such as drain cocks and hose clamps become loose from vibration or wear.When they get loose enough coolant will start to leak.

When the water pump begins to wear out its seal can become worn and coolant will begin to leak from the pump.There is True Religion Womens Jeans a small hole at the bottom of the pump body called a hole and it is where you will see the coolant leak.

Cars have radiators which is what the coolant flows through to be cooled from air flowing through the fins of the radiator.The radiator can become rusted or corroded on the inside and a hole can wear through from the inside.This is one cause for coolant leaks from the radiator.Also a radiator can be punctured from objects thrown up by other vehicles on the road and begin to leak.

Sometimes a car leaks coolant in places not seen on the outside.A car can leak coolant into the interior working of the engine when the head gasket is Religionjeansuk blown.This problem will usually show itself by white smoke or steam coming from the exhaust.Coolant can also leak into the engine oil via a blown head gasket and the engine oil will become milky looking.

Finally the worst way a car can leak coolant is through a cracked engine block.This type of coolant leak can happen internally or externally.Many times a cracked block happens when coolant freezes due to lack of proper antifreeze protection.Internal leaks will happen from cracked water jackets which are what the coolant flows through to cool the engine.External leaks come from freeze plugs being pushed out by frozen coolant or actual cracks in the block.

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