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December 30 LowellSolar-Generated(Papers)December 30, 1962, lowell,Ma lowellSunday 30, 1962 formal inTheSpirt ofThsThe junior women’s club ofSchool recently conducted a formal amongThose present and enjoying fheTeenTalk affair leftToThomas robert d.Russo and lindaTeens welcome new year as cleanSlate by charlas peverill lowell a year is love andTears and a year is a revolvingMerry go round of life and a year is a variable pandora’s box loaded with peace and a new year is like a blind we know not what itMayMight leadToThe glittering pinnacle of orThe dank pit of a year is great omnipotent and his will is accomplished inThis breath of heavenly new isThe new and isThe ful andMayThis hew year bring you all’ your god bless each of youThanks again lor all you have doneTo helpMe withThis happy new yearToTo a real noise horn blowingSurprise ding was held atThe home of bobby lor rySinging and ingMerry gail richie joan e i e hoganjMaura jimmy barbara ray penny billy rose an nie philMary bobbyMary joe and debby having a realSkate of a loafing week areThese daying jim pat kathy linda dennis rich judyShelagh pat ginny jim peteStan pete donna carol linda carole pat john pam joeSharon paulaTashia cy jack dickSamMarins dot peggy rita christinaSueMaria leslieSandy folkins andMary aSparkler of aMas bauble wasMaura ringing and jingling aroundThe prettyTree wereThese happyMarge florence and garryMauraManning and jimmy barbaraMaguire andTommy karen philSue joey debby and ray in case any ofTryTo be interested here is a list ofThe ofTheTheyMaryMonaMaryann ben andy dickMargie pat linda jim ellieSan liz bobMaria debbieMaryann kathy pat barbara and paula over fhe goodies left b.Santa paulaSandie bobMary joanneMary rose carol jo jim pat pete anneSandy jim pai jiff fox andThousands of erMerry having a real christmas crinkler at recentSacred heart dance linda bySue richie donna bySharon ny eileen walter betty ltiSummer course for hsStudents lowell anTionalScience foundation grant has beenMadeTo ellMedical institute aSix week course in chemistry next june 24To aug.2 for 30 commutingStudents inThe Ronnie Dot Fred Donna DannyMaureen Joey Linda Ralph LindaTomSharon Dave RachealTellier andTickThis is last col umn ofThe Don’t forgetThose and all you nearby you’re Let’s proceed with vigor for ‘Til next NewThe Forum 1 Don’t Dally With Drunk Drivers By IreneMcLanghlinTYNGSBOROTheSecondMarking period al Notre Dame academy has officially EThe following arc honor Happy High Joan Barbara Phyllis Janis Ellen Olga Linda Juanita E Carol 5 Paula JanetSMary 5Suzanne ESuzanneMarianne E 4ayes, BeatriceMaryjane Valerie Joan E een Katherine Peggy Paula E Ena Ann E Lucille E Judith Kathleen E Diana Re E ina Claudia E Dianne LindaSusan Linda De E electronic E Patricia iMartha Gail E Carol EMille Virginia EMarybeth Linda E Donna EMarianne Eleanor Antoinette Patricia E Linda Denise Karen Con EStance Jeanne E JeanneSusan E 1 Kathleen E I bara E By Dow L.Case just wound upThe christmas during which americans indulged inTheirTomarySlaughter ofThemselves and asThey jammedTheThe country now is inTheMidst of another long holiday ing which hundredsMore precious lives will be lost in likeMoSmall percentage ofThe killer accidents is caused by drivers whoSpendTheir evenings abSorbing bottled who insist on having oneMoreShot of panther forTheThey again grope forTheThere areThose who contendThat american courts are far loo lenient whenMeting out punishmentTo citizens who are convicted ofMixing andMembers in goodStanding ofThe club entertainingThat areToday’s who were ifThey feelThe average punishment for drunken driving really fitsTheThe for drunken cannot beTooStrict and it certainly isn’t from what i hear andThis was billerica highSchool’s paul added knowsTheSignificance of control over any ear in and drunken drivers areSomething which cannot beToleratedTThinkMany courts do pretty well in general when it comesTo loweringThe boom onThisType oi butThereStill is room for youth announcement was iMade by prof.Ernest v.SummerSchool director at whoSaidThe course will be carried out by prof.Vasilis lavrakas ofThe institute admissionToThe workout program at lowell as atThe other institutions reThe will be deMore firmness needed elise and doris lours believe courtsShould beMuch firmer withThose who drink and hitThem heard paul and john billerica high feels courts areToo in punishment of drunkenSt.Academy’s elise believes are farToo when appliedTo youngerShe offenders who are convicted of drunkenShould beSentTo rehabilitation orTo depending onThe exTent ofThe illnessThat letsThem drink and whenThey knowThe results ofTheir acts beforeThey commit i feel parents ofSuchSters would do wellTo withholdTheir and letThe lawTake its course without john billerica put itThis people who drink and are endangering not only but innocent bystanders asThey foreShould be dealt withSeverely enoughToMakeThemThinkTwice and long beforeTo repeatThe ifThey are unwillingToSeeThe andMemlTheirThe courtsShould handThemStiff enoughSentencesToMakeThemSeeThatTaking another chance wouldn’t be worth it.As itThis isn’t being often finalSpokesman jxThe discussion was Cheap Pandora Bracelets dorisThe courtsShould beMore i believe in everyone’s having oneMore chanceTo prove he orShe is capable ofStraightening but ifThe offenderMuffsTheSecond opportunityTo i believeThe leastThat can be done isToTake his license away for and completely remove him as a potential road christmas vespers at dracut hs award areaStudents nursingScholarships boston governor johnj conSon ofMr.AndThereforeMrs.Any kind of aMajor.Has introducedThat raymond a.Ruth 372 dental and ingSchoolStudents have been awardedScholarshipsTotalling byTheState dental and nursingShipThe winners were chosen fromMoreThan 750 am extremely pleasedTo an g.4 West Eleventh girl ofMr.AlsoMrs.Robert n.Almost all i.Gillespie 283 con cord child ofMr.And edward cullen h.ByMarthaMakarewiczStudent reporter dracut principalMartin garry joined withThe dracut highSchool faculty in wishingThe coed body aMerry christmas and a happy new year atThe annual christinas vespers program held on day december 21st.TheSophomore wilhThe help ofMiss janet head ofThe art erected a living king lindaSuess and ann urbowicz and danny john beaulieu and gayShirley kowalski andTed diane hird and dave fox kathy and xmas display which ofThe award ofThese j f.Scholarships designedTo aid j 372Students complete existenceThe governorThisMarksThe fifth yearThatTheScholarships have been daughter ofMr.James callahan iMas and a group of 1 ers browsing front of and greater lowellStudents among recipientsMary e.1G4 PineSally C.MainSt was boy ofMrs.M.Each ofStephen g. 110 new yorkSon ofMr.MoreoverMrs.Timothy c. Princess ofMr. In additionToMrs.Jones a.Iel l.RobatThelizabethrt electronic. 59 pinus radiataSon ofMr. WithMrs.Billy e.Jones a. 146 BellevueSon and daughter ofMr. ButAlsoMrs.Archie f.Shirley a great.9Students out of paper and odds and HelpingTo completeThisScene wasSanta ClausStuffed withThe guidance department urgesStudentsTo watchThe bulletin board in B wing for announcements which will beTermined byThe not Brouillette Daughter ofSyThe NationalScience InSelection will be based uponScholasticScientific andThe conclusion of fied highSchool courses in ence and costs of instruction are covered byTheSion will be based uponTheStudent’s qualifications out regardTo financial InterestedStudentsShould applyTo Prof.ErnestT.Summer ellMedical WhoSAN Calif.A pet hilly needed new den atThe naturalScienceTheSanThat’s joseph a.Main West j goodThemSuch asThatSon of andMrs.Malcolm gary.Sr.Jeanne l. 55 HarlemTerToMrs.Accepted g. BillM. 35 canalSon ofMrs.Frances k.OfTheSpecialScholarships be ing offered by collegeTo candidates forTheir engineering in all candidates are eligible forSome help fromTheScholarship funds ofThe engineering jeanne c.J rich n. 11 datesShould present 25 1 Adams Daughter ofMrs.Yourgnes judith a definite. 151ShawSimple princess ofMr. And consequentlyMrs.LeoSignifiant.MondThe particular.489 and Kathleen J.54 opinionT e w kS b u r y.Minor ofMr. Along withMrs.LisomeSort ofm a nice. Personal and academicTialsTnat are equivalentToThose ofStudents who desireTo work inTheSchool’s otherTheSchool newspaper pre Queen ofThe dance were Courts Dick Daigle and Kathy Frank Christinas dance on December 22nd calledManmon and Kathy Dancers were visited duringThe nightTime NewSemester at ISCStarts January 29 By DonnaMurray December 5 7, Uie nationalizedMichael B. Board was present of Jersey CityStaleThe collegeTo re appraiseTheMembers of Ihe Dr.Thinking about receiving 2.StandardMusic Eleanor C.Doctor. EarlMedical professional.NextTwo weeks after which ofStudy on offer and dr.T. Rafael LionsTeenMail rather Forget By Dorothy BickerMrs. Father is a Naval officer and we are leaving forSpain all ofThe next I’ve been goingSteady with a nice boy and we’ve hadSome wonderful all of a he has changed and acts as if he doesn’t care U he never hears fromMe He oven broke a dale last week and didn’t We promisedTo always write each other but we aren’t oven onSpeakingTerms We are both 15. WhatShould ITravelSophomore DearT.Since probably you’ll be InSpain at leastTwo ISuspectThat your boy friend has decided It IsTo even keep up a correspondence with he hasn’t handledTheSituation very If he were older andMore experienced he would know About all you can do isTryTo forget him and look forwardToThe new and Interesting experiences you are living In a foreign BonSemester exams willTlle English andScience j Burleigh January 15, Has been designated AlThat instead of ing will goTo roomsStudentsMay findThemTo ask any queries conMatterTo be in cluded in final Exams will cover Ihe period of January 16.17.18, 21, In addition, 22.Winter vacation willStart on january 23. It continuesTo January 25. OnThat registration for all classes will beSpecific directions ifor individual classes will be posted onThe bulletin board inTheStudent loungeSoon after of January 49, WillMarkThe be ginning ofSecond January 3 Ihe LowellState college’s basketball willTravelToThe following January 5They willMeet North Adams college al North Although bolh games are Us dent participation will be From WednesdayToThe board also Results concerning national reTheStandard ofThe accreditation are not expectedTo and other Chairman ofThe committee was be known until Executive Board Pictured areMembers ofTheStudent Council’s executive which helps guide policy ofThat body at Dracut high LeftToMichelle Ri recording Nancy Roberta FredTo Honor EditorMcGill DETROIT editor and publisher of he Atlanta and U.S. Circuit JudgeThurgoodMarshall will honoraryDoctor of law degrees from VayneState university at itsMidyear beginning who wonThe er prize for outstanding j writing in 195S, Is cited for his efforts interpretTheSouthToThe and Iho NorthToThe and for and deal withTheMent of race j former general counsel forThe National ation forThe Advancement of Colored is cited asTopTenTeen Records OfThe WeekThis Last Week Week 3 1 2 10 4 5 18 U Charles Compiled hy ResearchTwo Weeks 6TheTornadoes 2 ReturnToSender Elvis Presley 3 Bobby’s GirlMarry Elaine 16 Go Little GirlSteve Lawrence 4 Love CameToMe Dion 5 You AreMy Ray CharlesThe ItalianMouse LouMonte 12′ Zip A Dee Doo Dan Bob B. 9 Limbo Rock Chubby 1 Dig Girl’s Don’t CryThe FourSeasons Checker Dion champion of human as an eminent legal and as a highlySkilled AmericanMoon Okla. Farmers who figureThe phases ofThe ninon have a bearing onThe nextThunderstormMay be a geographer Clyde J. Professor emeritus ofThe University of Oklahoma geography a recent Oklahoma Academy ofScienceMeeting hereStudies of daily weather reports for 91 yearsShowThat heavy rains occur usually inThe first andThird quarters ofThe lunar No lobToo Large NoneTooSmallSullivan Bros. Ink jet laserModels 95 BRIDGESTREETTel.Gl 8 6333

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